Plywood for formwork

Plywood for formwork

You can not understand the wide range of different plywood for the formwork, presented in the modern market? Indeed, such plywood is a fairly common material, the main thing is to choose it correctly.


Over the past 20 years, a lot of different products of this kind have appeared. Among them, we can distinguish:

·     ФК birch plywood (the cheapest);

·     ФСФ type birch plywood (having good water resistance);

·     larch or pine coniferous material (waterproof);


·  laminated, faced with phenol film for smoothness and water resistance of the product. 


To confidently buy a material, you need to answer a few important questions regarding its choice:

·                     What type of concrete are you planning to use? It is also important to know the alkali content indicator of the concrete mix, what pH will adversely affect the material?

·                    What quality of the concrete surface will be required?

·                     Will the plywood be used for wall or slab formwork?

·                     What strength of the material is required?

·                     How many times will a plywood board be used at a construction site?


In general, various types of plywood are suitable to be used as a formwork. If you understand what requirements are to be specified to this element, the selection of this part will be simple and understandable. 


The company offers to purchase the plywood for formwork. High-quality products are integral attributes of our business. Moreover, reasonable prices and always-profitable offers are one of the main satellites of our company. If you are doubtful about the choice, our specialists will definitely help you.