Supporting system ID15

Supporting system ID15

Hünnebeck ID15 Frame Supports are one of the most common shoring systems in the world.

ID15 is a bearing tower support with horizontal base dimensions of 1.0×1.0 m. Required tower heights are attainable using only six different serial components. Depending on the height, tower supports can be assembled using 100 Frames, 133 Frames, or combinations of these frames and additional elements. In such a case, the towers of arbitrary height can be built, since the heads and jacks of the system are variable in height.


All parts are hot-dip galvanized in order to increase the service life of the system. The weight taking into account the screw heads and legs is approximately 44 kg/rm (in height).

The hinged support plates of screw heads and legs ensure alignment with slopes of up to 6%. The total screw adjustment range is 59.8 cm; typical tests were carried out taking into account reduced screw extensions (49.7 cm).

Both standard frames (100 and 133) have the same diagonal size. Due to standard frames installed with a turn of 90° when moving to each next tier, the uniform rigidity of the tower supports is retained at all vertical levels.


The props are made of tubes 48.3 mm in diameter allowing use any common connecting elements of frameworks (standard pipes and clamps) for connections. The tower height is not subject to restrictions in the event when you provide rigid anchorages at specified distances. The corresponding distances are determined based on the support height using the calculating diagram.