Wall (vertical) formwork Manto

Wall (vertical) formwork Manto

Production of German company Hunnebeck freshener MANTO - panel formwork for installation with a crane, capable of withstanding the pressure of concrete up to 80kN / m2, while ensuring the surface of concrete of the highest quality.

Whatever you have to build - from bunkers to cellars, from pylons to bridges to high-rise commercial centers or residential buildings, Form Servises will provide you with the best wall formwork for any task.

Quality, functionality and flexibility make Manto one of the most popular formwork systems.

The thickness of the profile of the frame is 14 cm, internal stiffeners and hot galvanizing give Manto additional strength and durability.

With MANTO locks, two panels can be connected together tightly and completely flush in one action - no additional bolt connectors or fasteners are required. Only in one lifting of the crane, the surface area of ​​the formwork can reach 40 m².

Any combination of standard MANTO formwork panels is available up to 3.3 m.

MANTO is ideal for covering large, medium and small volumes.

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