Modular scaffolding Cuplok

Modular scaffolding Cuplok

CUPLOK®, developed by SGB, is a fully galvanized modular scaffolding.

The main distinguishing feature of Cuplok is its high stability, which is achieved by a cup-joint, which can withstand even the moments of bending.

The cup joint is able to connect all components of the system with one hammer blow, which is very convenient. It should be noted about the strength of the Cuplok, because the system can withstand the load of up to 64 kN., Which allows a huge amount of equipment, so time and money

Range of application

CUPLOK is ideal for a wide range of applications, including a continuous façade, round facades, access to stairs. It is often used as a forest for the reconstruction of facades, as wood for masonry, and is also used in more specialized areas, such as shipbuilding.