Framed scaffolding Sprint 75

Framed scaffolding Sprint 75

The SPRINT facade scaffolding system has many advantages (quick and easy installation, safety and long-term operation) and is the type of scaffolding widely used in the world.

The Sprint system was created in 1991 in accordance with the requirements of customers and taking into account the shortcomings of other similar systems.


Sprint is widely used for access to heights, both in buildings under construction and for service of existing buildings. 

The SPRINT system is certified in accordance with the European standard EN 12810.

Easy installation: fast and inexpensive. Quick installation (from 300 to 450 m2 per day), up to 50% faster than installing traditional scaffolding. All components are quickly and seamlessly assembled and fastened without the need for bolted connections.

Hot galvanized steel components ensure a long product life (at least 16 years of operation).

Sprint meets all major world standards: EN, DIN, BS and many other local standards, operating in many countries

SPRINT uses standard steel pipes with a diameter of 48.3 mm, optionally combined with traditional pipes of other systems, such as CUPLOK 




Dimensions of openings: 3.0; 2.5; 2.0; 1.5; 1.09; 0.75 m

The sizes of frames: 2.0; 1.0; 0.66 m

Platforms: perforated steel

Loads: 200 kg / m2 3.0 m; 300 kg / m2 to 2.5 m

Included accessories: console (0.34 and 0.75 m) protective boards.